Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors:

-Easy to maintain

-Pet friendly

-High gloss shine

-Less smells and allergens than carpet

-Endless colors and patterns

-Indoor or Outdoor applications

-Commercial and residential applications

-Tough and durable

-Sealed with clear seal with UV protectant

Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete is the least expensive and most versatile application.  It can be installed indoors or outdoors in a single color or a mix of several colors to create depth and movement. Patterns can be taped out for a custom design.  It is then sealed with a clear seal to preserve and protect the design and color.   The stain can be applied to bare concrete but if it has cracks and flaws, they will show through .  In these cases, we can apply a skim coat to create a smoother look and cover many of the inconsistencies in the existing concrete.

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Concrete Coatings of Daytona does not use acid in the staining process.  Our products are acid-free and low VOC.

We apply a clear sealer over the finished color to make the floor non-pourous and it does not require waxing.  The floor can be cleaned with a mop and a non-solvent based cleaner.  Outside, a light pressure wash or wet broom cleaning is recommended.