Tile pattern added with solid border

Tough enough to use on driveways. 

Custom color border to match home.

Knock down with brick border

Knock-down Texture

Benefits of Knock down:

-Low cost but provides a great look

-Color can be customized to match your decor

-Easy Maintenance

-Slip and skid-resistant

-Can add borders and designs

-Color can be easily changed

-Non-pourous surface

Solid border

YHS Automotive in Katy, TX

Outdoor bathroom

Knock down with brick border


-Pool Decks




-Outdoor Bathrooms

-Commercial Pool Decks


Knock Down Texture is most used around pool decks and patios.  It provides a skid-resistant surface that is non-pourous and easy to maintain. Knock down texture can be applied in the color of your choice with patterns and borders.  If the color needs to be changed in the future, it is a very simple and inexpensive process.